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How can a recipient of a notarized document verify a Notary24 transaction?

Anyone legally authorized to verify a transaction will be able to confirm the transaction and view key transaction details in our Verification Portal. If they have the additional necessary permission or authority, they will also be able to access the video recording of the transaction.

To provide simple and secure access, each document is assigned a unique ID. In order for an interested person to retrieve a particular document and (if authorized to do so) its associated video recording, a recipient or receiving institution must share the provided retrieval instructions and necessary security credentials. Using these, the notarized document and related records can be accessed on our verification portal.

Any authorized person who receives or accesses a digital copy of a document may open that document in Adobe Acrobat (or other similar programs) and verify its authenticity by viewing transaction and verification information about the notary’s use of his/her digital certificate.