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What categories of documents can be notarized online?

Just about every document which needs to be notarized in the “paper world” can be electronically notarized online using the Notary24 platform, with a few exceptions.

Examples of documents that notaries on our platform will not be able to notarize for you include: 

  • The document is dated later than the day of notarization, or is backdated.
  • The signer cannot be positively identified.
  • The document is missing pages or sections.
  • The document is blank.
  • A signer appears confused or mentally incapable of understanding the transaction.
  • If the notary thinks or knows the transaction is illegal, the notary may not proceed with notarization.
  • The signer is unwilling to swear or affirm the contents of the document (for notarizations that require an oath or affirmation).
  • The signer shows indications of being coerced to sign.
  • The document is a copy.
  • The document in which the notary has a beneficial interest.
  • The document containing pictures of children.

It’s always best to check with the party that requires the notarized document to make sure that online notarizations are acceptable.