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What is a Proof of Address and Why Should it be Notarized?

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Proof of Address

What is a Proof of Address and Why Should it be Notarized?

Proof of address is a document that shows that you reside at a certain address. This document is often used to verify your identity or to prove residency when applying for a loan or credit card. In some cases, proof of address may also be required to vote or register for school. In most cases, a proof of address must be notarized to be considered valid. Let’s look closely at this and why it is so important!

What is a Proof of Address?

Proof of address is a document that shows your current residential address. A notarized proof of address is a document signed and stamped by a notary public, a government-appointed official who can authenticate documents.

Why a Proof of Address Should Be Notarized?

The main reason proof of address should be notarized is to ensure that it hasn’t been tampered with or altered in any way. Notaries are trained to identify fraudulent documents and verify the legitimacy of signatures, so having your proof of address notarized is a way to ensure that it’s valid.

In addition, having a notarized proof of address can also provide additional protection against lawsuits or other legal situations. Notaries act as independent third-party witnesses to document transactions, so their signatures can be used as evidence in court if needed.

Types of Proof of Address

Depending on the country and the purpose of the request, proof of address may take different forms.

Proof of Address

In most cases, applicants must provide either or two documents to prove their residence. These documents, which are known as proof of address (POA), can take various forms and in most countries, will typically include a utility bill, phone or internet bill, bank/card statement, insurance policy/bill or tax bill.

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Utility Bill

A utility bill is one of the most widely accepted forms of POA and is typically issued by a utility company like an energy provider, water or waste disposal service. It will usually display the user’s full name and address and the amount of money due for that month.

Phone/Internet Bill

A phone or internet bill can also prove a person’s address. It will typically be issued by a telecommunications service provider and should show the user’s name, address and the cost of their services for that month or previous months.

Bank/Card Statement

A bank statement or card statement can prove a person’s residence if it shows their full name, address and details of recent transactions.

Insurance Policy/Bill

Insurance policies can also be used to demonstrate proof of address if they are in the applicant’s name and include their current residential address. Similarly, insurance bills may suffice depending on the purpose of the request.

Tax Bill

In some cases, applicants may be asked to provide a tax bill if registered with a local municipality or state. A tax bill will typically display the name, address and amount of money due for that month or year.

Other Official Documents

There may be other official documents that can also serve as proof of address depending on the country and the purpose of the request. For example, some countries may accept forms such as rental agreements, mortgage papers or even driver’s licenses as POA. It is best to check with the issuing entity to determine their required document type.

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Who requires Proof of Address?

Proof of Address (POA) is usually used to prove eligibility for certain services such as opening bank accounts, obtaining credit cards, trading stocks and shares, registering with government bodies, or setting up utilities.


Banks typically require POA to open an account. They may ask for a document such as a utility bill, lease agreement or rent receipt to verify the account holder’s address.

Fintech companies

Fintech companies increasingly require POA as they often offer their customers innovative financial products and services, many of which involve sending money and/or investing funds. They need to verify the identity and address of their customers to comply with anti-money laundering regulations.

Card companies

Card companies also require POA before issuing a card, ensuring that the cardholder lives at the given address. Sometimes, they may also ask for additional documents such as a utility bill.

Trade registries

Trade registries require POA when registering a business or obtaining a trading license. This is necessary to verify the identity of the person who wishes to register their business and/or obtain a trading license.

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What Proof of Address (POA) do you need: for Business or personal?

Depending on what type of services you’re looking to access, you may need different types of POA – but what do they all mean?

For Business:

If you’re running a business, you may need to provide proof of address to open a business account or get access to services. This could include utility bills, bank statements or a lease agreement with your landlord which states the business name and address. If you’re an international business, you may also be asked for foreign documents such as a copy of the company’s registration certificate.

For Personal:

If you’re an individual, proof of address is often required to open bank accounts or access financial services. The most common types of POA for personal use include utility bills (electricity, gas, water etc.), bank statements or a copy of a tenancy agreement for the property.

It is important to ensure that you provide the correct type of POA when asked for it, as this could result in delays in service access. Check with your provider about what type of POA they require before submitting any documents.

Why is Proof of Address (POA) required?

Proof of Address

Proof of Address (POA) is a critical requirement for those looking to establish tax residency, open an international bank account, or receive a credit card. To ensure that you fulfil the requirements of the requesting party, here are some essential tips to keep in mind when gathering proof of address.

First and foremost, always check the requirements of the requesting party. They might often require that you provide a physical copy of your POA instead of accepting digital documents.

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In today’s technological world, it’s now possible to notarize proof of address online. Notary24 and offer convenient ways for you to certify your documentation online.

Also, be sure that your POA mentions both your name and address. If the POA is under another name, then it will not be accepted.

Fortunately, there are services like which enable you to open a bank account without providing a POA. Similarly, allows you to apply for a credit card without providing a POA.

If you do not have a POA, then it is possible to obtain one online with services like They provide an easy way of getting certified documents in no time.


In conclusion, if you need to establish tax residency, open an international bank account, or receive a credit card, then Proof of Address is an important requirement. It is best to check the requirements of the requesting party before submitting your POA documents and make sure they are notarized accordingly. Several reliable services offer POA acquisition online if you don’t have one.

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