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Frequently Asked Questions

Do not worry, our notary staff can assist you in the session to change the type of notarization.

We can accommodate multiple signers, from any combination of locations.  We can also schedule multiple signing sessions.  Email us to set up multi-signer appointments.

In some cases, your recipient may require original signatures from all signers. In order to fulfill this requirement, you will need to meet with a notary over video chat to show ID and sign your documents.

After the session, you will mail the original documents to the address provided by your notary. Once received, the document will be notarized and sent to you or your recipient.

A notary of any kind is someone authorized to perform specific legal formalities, including drawing up or certifying contracts, mortgage documents, deeds, and more.

All notaries, no matter how they perform their service, must watch as someone signs a document. Historically, this has required that the notary or signer must travel to meet one another in person where the notary serves as a witness during the signing event.

The online (remote or digital) notaries are the same as the traditional notaries, but they perform the notarizations over the internet via digital tools.

Notarization is the process whereby a Notary certifies a document. Usually, this is done by attaching a notarial certificate to the document. The notarial certificate contains statements of fact or law in relation to the document being certified.

Notary24 is an innovative online platform that customers can use to notarize their documents remotely.

We accept all major Credit/Debit Cards, Paypal, Bank Transfer, and Cryptocurrency.

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